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Interested in spending some time in the city of Eternal Spring? Medellín earns the nickname with it’s perfectly spring like weather, all year round. International House Medellín offers the opportunity to experience Colombia’s second biggest city with all the amenities of your own apartment. International House is home to travelers, expats, and Colombians — creating a community feel for those new to the city and a comfortable environment that makes it hard to leave. We are less than 10 minutes from each of Medellín’s 3 entertainment districts: Parque Lleras (El Poblado), La 70 (near the stadium), and La 33/Laureles.

Main Office: Calle 32B # 66C – 06 Belén Rosales, Medellín, Colombia.

Phone + Whatsapp: + (57) 316 452 74 20


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Hi, We are so glad you decided to stay with us. Here is the info you will need to find us easily.

Address: Calle 32B No. 66C-06, Belen Malibu (also known as Belen Rosales), Medellin
Telephone (dialing from abroad) 57 316 691 35150 (in Spanish)
From within Colombia from a cell phone — 316 691 3515
From within Colombia, from a landline — 316 691 3515
To reach an English speaker, 316 691 3515 or 317 458 1048

Finding us is easy… just go to google maps and search for International House Medellin.
We are a few blocks from the Consulado Venezolano.

Directions from airport by taxi (directions by bus at very bottom):

You’ll recognize our 5-story brick building, it’s half a block from
the big swimming pool on the corner and across the street from the
covered basketball courts.

Taxi service from the airport is safe and reliable if you follow these instructions:

International House Medellin is about 45 minutes from the airport. I like the white cabs with the blue stripes…choose the cab and driver you want (late model, respectable driver), you do not have to take the cab they want/first cab in line, etc., it’s your choice. It’s $65,000 pesos from the airport to International House Medellin, tipping is optional, up to you, it’s a flat rate, they won’t use the meter and there are no extra charges for late night, etc.

Address: Calle 32B No. 66C-6 Belén Malibú (or Belen Rosales)
We are on Calle 32b (4 blocks from the Consulado Venezolano).

Tell the taxi driver ¨Vamos a la unidad deportiva de belen¨ (if he says he doesn’t know where the “Unidad deportiva de Belén is, change cabs!)

Vamos a la Unidad deportiva de Belén (entrada lateral #2) frente a la piscina y las canchas de basquet (directly in front of the covered basketball courts)

Receptionist: cell/whatsapp (daytime +57 317 458 1048)